Thinking to have a Side Tattoo ?

Tattoos are an exotic trend, which is the major portion of fashion. Today in this article I will let you choose some of the best side tattoos for you. Well, if you are thinking to get tattooed and looking for the side tattoos, I have got some cool tattoos for your side. I know you will lie it and tattooing it will look tremendous to you for sure.


So here in this article, I will give you the best side tattoos, keep reading this article if you are thinking so.

Best Side Tattoos For You:

Side tattoos are done on the sides of a body could be in your ribs or arms.  You can see it side tattoos in the given picture.

Choose Your Best for Side Tattoo:

There are more than 35 categories of tattoos some of them are listed below that you can try on your body to make yourself look different, classy and trendy

And in case if you are a female here are some trending tattoos that will look good on you.

Side tattoos look good intoned abdomen for females. Some of the most common and popular tattoo designs for women are words or text written in stylish fonts.

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Apart from that lettering stats such as famous quotes are also used as designs on wrist, waist, hips, necks, thighs, ribs, stomach and arms and hands. You can see side tattoos in most of our television actresses and Hollywood or Bollywood actress, beautifully designed on their arms. You can also do it and show it to your friends or else do it for yourself. Other tattoo categories are tribal art, angels, panther cats, Celtic tats, Japanese koi fish, dragon, etc. The famous Celtic designs originated from Celts, the ancient tribe. Some of its Celtic designs are Celtic butterflies, Celtic crosses, Celtic knots.

Tattoos are done for many reasons some uses it to signify religious or spiritual devotions, some for bravery, mark of status or rank, etc.

Side effects of side tattoos:

         Skin infections: Possibilities of skin infection after tattooing. Granulomas {bumps, the result of infection} are likely to form around the tattoo. It may also lead to raising of overgrowth of scars, called keloids.

         Diseases– If your equipment is contaminated with the infected blood of the other person who used it before, you can get infected with various blood-borne diseases such as tetanus, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, etc.

         Allergic reactions:  dyes used in tattoos, especially the colors red, green, yellow and blue causes allergic reactions in the skin. This allergic reaction can occur even years after you get the tattoo. Allergic reactions include skin reactions such as itchy rashes at the tattoo site.

         MRI complications: tattoo pigments interfere with the quality of the image in magnetic resonance imaging tests. Tattoos also cause swelling and burning in the affected areas during MRI exams.


So, these are all were all about the side tattoo, I hope you like those all. For more side tattoos you can leave me a comment below in the comment section. However, if have never tattooed before then make sure you know all of the above given side effects, this is why I have given those side effects.