Most Expected Release Date of Samsung Galaxy S5

It is clear and no one has doubt that Samsung Galaxy note 7 release date will be in the first quarter of 2016. Month of release date is not confirmed yet. But it is believed that the device will be launched in the end of the month March, 2016.

If we go back to the story of Samsung Galaxy note 7, other devices in this series are launched nearby same month. Some websites are also suggesting its release date late in 2016 and some are suggesting its release date in February, 2016. Confirmed and official release date of this device will not come before January, 2016.


Rumors to the specification of Galaxy note 7 are adding too much taste in the launch of this device. People are waiting desperately for the launch. Presently, youngsters are also focusing on new device which is expecting its release in October, 2015. The device is Google Nexus 5. The mentioned device will become popular because of its price tag. It has shown that the device has left Apple iPhone 5s behind in benchmark.

Samsung Galaxy SV will be a device of new generation which will be equipped with all the needs of future generation. It will be featured with Exynos 8000 64 bit chipset which is manufactured at 20n scale and will carry ten powerful processing cores. It will be supported with 4GB RAM. It is manufactured at 20 nm scale which will be best in power efficiency.

No loopholes will be present in the upcoming device like they were there in the last device of the series. Do not forget to come again on our site for more information regarding this device. And, do share this article to spread knowledge among your friends. Till now the confirmed month of release date os March, 2016.


What major up-gradations Samsung plan ahead of Galaxy note 7 Release?

note 5 is a long lost story of a glorious smartphone. Right now all the eyes are on one and only one smartphone, i.e. Samsung Galaxy note 7. There is not a single tech blog, who is not putting its best foot forward and writing about the same, and I bring to you the list of major upgradations in Samsug note 7 ahead of its release. Let us have a look by not wasting much time.

  1. The smartphone this time will have a better and more professional camera, which means that along with the beast 16 MP shooter, it will be backed with the 5 MP shooter in front. Brilliant, isn’t it?
  2. Along with the KNOX technology for better security, Samsung won’t fail in introducing the long awaited fingerprint sensors in Samsung Galaxy note 7. They are a must in today’s era, when smart mobile hackers can breach any security system and the screen passwords are just not enough.
  3. Everyone looks forward to the dashing looks of the phone. With a possible inclusion of YOUM in the smartphone, it will be an invention worth buying. The price? Oh, it will just be $200, if you live in a country where major network carriers offer contract deals like UK and the US.
  4. Samsung Galaxy note 7, will also accommodate the latest UHD technology in its display screen. While it is a deep blow to Apple and Sony, it will add a wing to the features of Samsung note 7.
  5. The best word of mouth suggests that the new Galaxy note 7 smartphone will have full eye tracking and health features, making it a must have for smartphone lovers. It will be complemented by a shockproof and waterproof body, and infrared sensors ofcourse. Who thought 10 years ago, that Smartphones would be used to measure the body temperature?

If Samsung manages to accommodate all these feats, it will be a force to reckon with, and Samsung Galaxy note 7 will surely sell like hot cakes.