What to expect from GTA 6?

GTA has always been one of the hot favourites for almost all of us at one point of time. The next series, GTA 6 that is is now the most awaited game for all the GTA fans. So, here are some of the latest rumours aboard about the game! Though these are pretty much more of just rumours, the game is likely to have roughly the kind of an outlook that these rumours have to say.

The GTA 6 is right now in the development stage and there is a lot that we are yet to know completely of the game. Before any game is officially launched in the market, the fans have their own set of expectations as well as assumptions with its regard. Some say there will be criminal activities and gangsters involved while others say that political leaders shall be added as characters to the game. Well, there is a lot that the game shall have in store – much of what is quite unpredictable though!


One of the best news for many people out there is the fact that the game shall be made available to a range of new consoles which in turn shall enhance the overall experience. The technology which shall be used in GTA 6 is more of an advanced version of what has been used earlier and the graphics shall undergo a revamp to make them high end games. Also, during the time of release for GTA 6, the next generation consoles, likely to be named as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two. Though we are all expecting the launch to be done by the end of 2018, the launch of both consoles can be announced anytime from 2018 – 2020.

One of the other aspect of the game which excites all the fans always is the location. Of what we have been hearing, the GTA 6 shall have an exotic location chosen and it could be any place ranging from Tokyo to Nevada to Columbia. However, all the options that we have explored as possible location for GTA 6 are likely to be based out of US.

Additional news with regards to characters for the game rumours that the number of characters (earlier 3, including Michael, Trevor and Franklin) shall be increased with the addition of a female character. Also, this female character is likely to be voiced by Hollywood actor, Eva Mendes. However, at the same time chances are pretty on the lower side of any female character being added in the game.

So basically there is a lot that is going to chance in GTA 6 and the buildings and structures are no less of an exception. Since the earlier consoles had their own limitations, given that GTA 6 and fallout 5 shall also hit the new ones, the problem regarding graphics is pretty much going to be sorted!

So let the wait begin!