CBSE 12th Exam Date Sheet 2017, Time Table, Schedule

CBSE is an abbreviation of Central Board of Education which is responsible for conducting the Secondary and Higher Secondary examination in India. This board has a predefined curriculum, for various streams like Arts, Science and Commerce. The students are judged on their subject knowledge and application knowledge which are taught in the predefined curriculum. The examinations are generally held every year in between the month of February and April which varies year to year.


Date Sheet

The dates for the examination of 2017 are already out at around 9th of January.  As per their latest announcement the examination of CBSE 12th exam are about to start from 9th of March, 2017.These exams will be conducted for a time period commencing on 9th March, 2017 and ending on 29th April, 2017 and are generally held in the morning hours from 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM on an average.

English being a common paper for all the streams is held first on the 9th of March. For the other segments you can refer the below points.


The first exam from the Science category will be conducted on 15th March, 2017, followed by Mathematics on 20th March. The Chemistry exam is on 25th of March. The next Biology exam is being conducted on 5th April, 2017.


The commerce specific exams are starting with Business Studies which is scheduled on 16th March, 2017. Next on the row is mathematics which is held on 20th March, 2017. Next paper is of Informatics Practices which is scheduled for 27th March, followed by Accountancy on 29th of March. The last exam of economics for this stream is being held after a long gap of almost 20 days that is on the 17th of March.


This stream has quite a lot of varied subjects with lot of electives. Here are the few of the dates for some of the important subject which majority of the student population considers. History exam is scheduled for 23rd of March, followed by Political Science which is to be held on 3rd of April. Geography, Sociology, Economics and Psychology are all held at a time gap of 5 days with dates being 6th April, 12th April, 17th April and 24th April respectively.

Regarding your electives and any other exam papers which might not have been listed above, you can always refer to the official site to get the official exam dates. Also, there are many sites which maintains and provides updates on the schedules. You can also add times of India notification which will be providing notification on the dates, schedules or any related information for your CBSE 12th exams.


5 Quick tips to Crack CAT Exam

The Common Admission Test or prominently known as CAT is a mandatory examination for most of the elite and reputed education institutes offering a MBA program. Every student strives hard to rattle their brain to get through this exam and seek a place in the top-notch management institutions. CAT papers are unpredictable but it follows a systematic and time bound process. The simple yet 5 most effective tips to crack CAT exam are highlighted below.


Prepare Your Weekly Time table

CAT is not an exam to be mugged up but it requires practice and analytical skills which comes with solving maximum number of problems. The aspiring candidates must prepare a weekly schedule for theory, analysis, mocks and revision.

Candidates must study for a couple of hours to get their basic in place but spend majority of the time in appearing for mocks and revisions.

Build Your Concepts

Questions in CAT are never repeated and always follow a different and unique style. Hence, it is best to strengthen your fundamentals to understand the principle and application than just mugging up the formula. Maintain your notes and keep the formula list handy for application. Also, owing to the time constraint try to loop for short cuts and tips to solve faster and get accurate answers.

Review Your Mocks

Giving your mocks are not enough but analyzing it and reaching higher level of accuracy is important in CAT. Revise your mocks and compare your solutions to identify the sections where you can improvise with regards to accuracy and speed.

Formulate a Strategy

CAT is all about your analytical skills and fundamentals. The sectional cut-offs and negative markings are a way to filter the chunk of cream candidates. Hence, a strategy is important in the preparation of CAT. It is not advisable to attempt all the questions. You must select the appropriate question and have your concepts clear on it to get the accurate answer in a short time.

A practice of about 12-15 mocks will give a basic idea on your strength on topics in each section and thereby help you to select the apt question. The initial mocks are important only to understand your flaws and formulate your strategy accordingly.

Keep Going

CAT is unpredictable and scores are often not satisfactory in the initial days. Do not compare it with your friends and neither lose your determination. Study harder and practice more to get better scores and make a mark in the finals.


Institute of Banking Personnel Selection- IBPS releases notification for the recruitment of probationary officers- PO and management trainees- MT posts every year for the various banks participating. Every year, thousands of graduates appear for the IBPS exam as it will enable the aspirants to get a government job opening in the 19 public sector banks. Here are some guaranteed tips to crack your IBPS bank exam:

Analyze the Exam Pattern

Aspirants need to carefully analyze the exam pattern an

complete the syllabus so that they can get an idea of which topics will come in the exam. It is always advisable to check both the prelims and mains written test syllabus so that they can start their preparation properly.

Utilization of Resources

Aspirants should make use of all available resources for preparing IBPS exam. Few books that are popular and useful for the preparation of IBPS are Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by R.S.Agarwal, A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non- Verbal reasoning by R.S.Agarwal, NCERT, and Manorama Year Book. To prepare for the GK section, make it a daily habit to read “The Hindu”, “The Times of India” and watch news channels to keep an eye on what’s happening in and around the country and the world. Also, go through magazines that focus on current affairs and general knowledge.

Study Topic wise

To prepare and concentrate well, students need to study a single topic at a time and not jump to each and every topic in a hurry to complete the syllabus. This way they get a good grasp over the subject and it will help them understanding the concepts without getting confused. The best way will be to make a time table and follow it religiously. Allocating equal time to each and every subject will be very helpful.

Practice Sample Papers

In addition to subject wise studying, applicants can also prepare for the IBPS exam by practicing mock test papers or sample papers. This is the best method to prepare for any exam as practice makes man perfect. You can improve your time management and also get an idea of the type of questions that will appear in the exam. Take every mock test as if it’s your actual exam and analyze yourself.

Make Notes

As and when you study, make small notes of important topics, formulas or keywords. This method will help you during your revision time as you will not have to search for the important points in the books everytime. Bookmark difficult topics/ questions for revision.


Thinking to have a Side Tattoo ?

Tattoos are an exotic trend, which is the major portion of fashion. Today in this article I will let you choose some of the best side tattoos for you. Well, if you are thinking to get tattooed and looking for the side tattoos, I have got some cool tattoos for your side. I know you will lie it and tattooing it will look tremendous to you for sure.


So here in this article, I will give you the best side tattoos, keep reading this article if you are thinking so.

Best Side Tattoos For You:

Side tattoos are done on the sides of a body could be in your ribs or arms.  You can see it side tattoos in the given picture.

Choose Your Best for Side Tattoo:

There are more than 35 categories of tattoos some of them are listed below that you can try on your body to make yourself look different, classy and trendy

And in case if you are a female here are some trending tattoos that will look good on you.

Side tattoos look good intoned abdomen for females. Some of the most common and popular tattoo designs for women are words or text written in stylish fonts.

Check : Happy New Year Images

Apart from that lettering stats such as famous quotes are also used as designs on wrist, waist, hips, necks, thighs, ribs, stomach and arms and hands. You can see side tattoos in most of our television actresses and Hollywood or Bollywood actress, beautifully designed on their arms. You can also do it and show it to your friends or else do it for yourself. Other tattoo categories are tribal art, angels, panther cats, Celtic tats, Japanese koi fish, dragon, etc. The famous Celtic designs originated from Celts, the ancient tribe. Some of its Celtic designs are Celtic butterflies, Celtic crosses, Celtic knots.

Tattoos are done for many reasons some uses it to signify religious or spiritual devotions, some for bravery, mark of status or rank, etc.

Side effects of side tattoos:

         Skin infections: Possibilities of skin infection after tattooing. Granulomas {bumps, the result of infection} are likely to form around the tattoo. It may also lead to raising of overgrowth of scars, called keloids.

         Diseases– If your equipment is contaminated with the infected blood of the other person who used it before, you can get infected with various blood-borne diseases such as tetanus, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, etc.

         Allergic reactions:  dyes used in tattoos, especially the colors red, green, yellow and blue causes allergic reactions in the skin. This allergic reaction can occur even years after you get the tattoo. Allergic reactions include skin reactions such as itchy rashes at the tattoo site.

         MRI complications: tattoo pigments interfere with the quality of the image in magnetic resonance imaging tests. Tattoos also cause swelling and burning in the affected areas during MRI exams.


So, these are all were all about the side tattoo, I hope you like those all. For more side tattoos you can leave me a comment below in the comment section. However, if have never tattooed before then make sure you know all of the above given side effects, this is why I have given those side effects.





Review on Galaxy Note 6

All the tech buffs have a reason to rejoice now as the tentative launch date of Samsung’s latest magnum opus Galaxy note 6 has been fitted somewhere in August, September or October apparently.


The specifications of this masterpiece are expected to be rife with beefy and transcendent features. This spec will prevent millions from suffering the unfortunate dropping of their phone from bending over. Also, for the first time, Samsung will include an all-in-one chip in the phone that contains all the phone’s data, memory, and storage. The paradigm shift in this model is rumored to be extremely commanding. it’s aboriginally tipped that we’ll see a 6-inch 4K/UHD display, which seems absurd for a Smartphone – but this is the Note, after all. There is back fence talk of Samsung using a split strategy for its Smartphone processors: different chips for different markets. It’s believed that that the Galaxy Note 6 will run on a custom-built Exynos 8890 in the East Asia market. However, western markets would get a Galaxy Note 6 that boasts Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 820 SoC. There’s also talk that Samsung will opt for a huge 6GB RAM module in the Galaxy Note 6 which is an impressive amount of memory for a Smartphone and would surely prove to be a never-failing and enduring bet for its niche set of customers. The memory is reckoned to carry a capacity of  32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB as to be the same in Galaxy S8. They both will give a very tough competition to iPhone 8 as well.

However, Samsung might also include its UFS 2.0 memory chips in the Galaxy Note 6 which would definitely get its users into the groove. Amongst its numerous magnanimous specifications there is also talk of a 20-megapixel rear-facing camera on the Galaxy Note 6 which would hold good to the ever so famous Samsung’s quality heritage. The quality of pictures and the need for cameras that support fast moving snapshots is something that is a transition from professional cameras to mobile phone cameras. With Note 6, you will be able to lock and capture high speed moving animals, people and objects besides shooting 4K videos. Let’s hope our expectations will be met in Note 6. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard of front-facing camera thus far, but stay tuned.

Get more Android Updates on Tech With Geek..



The New Fitness Mantra Diamondback 910 SR Recumbent Bike $999

Staying fit is the new mantra for nowadays people. A lot of new fitness equipments have launched for the sake of fitness freaks.

With the wave of fitness bike overtaking fitness studios and health gym by the storm,we expect this to be popular trend for most homes too. This brand is based on USA, Established in 1977.


Design & Build Quality: The Diamondback 910 is one of the best loved bike, which has a premium design and structure. There are adjustable hand bars as well as a seat with a back. There are added wheels for better transportation and a steel mainframe. The frame is strong enough to support a maximum weight of 325lbs. Find out which is the right recumbent bike for you here:

Exercise Data: Session data and heart rate are shown on a multicolor screen. The LCD is partitioned to show multiple streams of data at once.

Heart rate Monitors: A wireless heart rate receiver and a contact grip both are included. The pulse data can be used with heart rate workout programs,which adjust their intensity to keep trainees in a given target heart rate zone.

Entertainment: Listening songs while working out boosts your energy to work harder. An iPod compatible Jack and speakers are built. There is a USB port to charge iPods, phones and other devices.

Cooling Fan: The bike includes three-speed cooling fans to promote endurance.

Preset Fitness Program: The console features 35 preset workouts, including heart rate control program,For targeting a variety of fitness goals.

Warranty: This bike has an acceptable warranty. It provides five years of coverage for the frame, two years for most parts,and a year of labor.


Some more fitness products that have created buzz in fitness world:


Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike: Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike is one of the best recumbent bike. A duel track monitor system is an innovative display that allows you to prop up your iPad,tablet or book right in front of you on the main LCD display t you will still see your workout data on the secondary screen.


Diamondback fitness 510 SR Recumbent Bike: The Diamondback fitness 510 SR Recumbent bike comes preloaded with a terrific selection of automated workout routines designed to stimulate different types of cycling conditions and help you diversify your workout.


Exerpeutic 400XL: Exerpeutic 400XL’s innovative engineering and Design allows for easy fold up after every use. It has a LCD display with it which helps in tracking the speed and time and the distance covered by the operator.


Indoor Cycling Bike: The keiser M3 plus indoor cycle has virtually unlimited adjustments that let you fit any body size and type. It is durable enough to support all of the extra fat that you are planning to sweating off.


Exerpeutic 900XL Extended Capacity Recumbent Bike with pulse: Exerpeutic 900XL Recumbent Bike has a durable and user friendly design that allows you to step through the machine on and off. A 300lbs weight limit to accommodate bigger user.

This machine has a low center of gravity and extended leg stabilizer to keep it in place while doing intense workout.

Why a fitness bike:

You need to properly train your body to stay fit.

Fitness bikes do not make your workout monotonous. You can watch television while working out.

Some of the workout basics you cover when you are on a recumbent bike.

  • Cardiovascular exercises that care of your health.
  • Aerobics exercises that increase functioning of your lung and heart, at the same time providing you better blood pressure level.
  • Basically it works as your stress management.
  • It is very user friendly at the same time.



What to expect from GTA 6?

GTA has always been one of the hot favourites for almost all of us at one point of time. The next series, GTA 6 that is is now the most awaited game for all the GTA fans. So, here are some of the latest rumours aboard about the game! Though these are pretty much more of just rumours, the game is likely to have roughly the kind of an outlook that these rumours have to say.

The GTA 6 is right now in the development stage and there is a lot that we are yet to know completely of the game. Before any game is officially launched in the market, the fans have their own set of expectations as well as assumptions with its regard. Some say there will be criminal activities and gangsters involved while others say that political leaders shall be added as characters to the game. Well, there is a lot that the game shall have in store – much of what is quite unpredictable though!


One of the best news for many people out there is the fact that the game shall be made available to a range of new consoles which in turn shall enhance the overall experience. The technology which shall be used in GTA 6 is more of an advanced version of what has been used earlier and the graphics shall undergo a revamp to make them high end games. Also, during the time of release for GTA 6, the next generation consoles, likely to be named as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Two. Though we are all expecting the launch to be done by the end of 2018, the launch of both consoles can be announced anytime from 2018 – 2020.

One of the other aspect of the game which excites all the fans always is the location. Of what we have been hearing, the GTA 6 shall have an exotic location chosen and it could be any place ranging from Tokyo to Nevada to Columbia. However, all the options that we have explored as possible location for GTA 6 are likely to be based out of US.

Additional news with regards to characters for the game rumours that the number of characters (earlier 3, including Michael, Trevor and Franklin) shall be increased with the addition of a female character. Also, this female character is likely to be voiced by Hollywood actor, Eva Mendes. However, at the same time chances are pretty on the lower side of any female character being added in the game.

So basically there is a lot that is going to chance in GTA 6 and the buildings and structures are no less of an exception. Since the earlier consoles had their own limitations, given that GTA 6 and fallout 5 shall also hit the new ones, the problem regarding graphics is pretty much going to be sorted!

So let the wait begin!



Nokia C1 Release Date, Price, Specs

After being far from the smart phone market for a long period of time, Nokia is ready to obtain back to making phones. The bargain in between Microsoft and Nokia that did not enable the last to make any type of smartphones has actually now finished, thus making Nokia complimentary to produce smartphones. In case you don’t know, the contract was to end in 2nd fifty percent of 2016, as well as we are way previous in July currently and with iPhone 7 which will blow the market with insane features.

A great deal of reports about the upcoming Nokia smartphone, presumably called as Nokia C1, are making rounds on the web. So let’s gather all the info we have right into one place as well as see what exciting functions the phone is visiting supply.


Nokia C1 Specifications

Many records have actually declared that the Nokia C1 will certainly be an Android smartphone with a customized UI on it. It will be powered by a Snapdragon processor, probably the Snapdragon 652. The phone is stated to be can be found in two various versions- one with 2GB of RAM and also 32GB of storage, as well as various other one will obtain 3GB of RAM with 64GB of storage.

As for the camera, the Nokia C1 might be seen flaunting a 13MP AF video camera with LED flash at the back and also a 5MP front camera. The battery that will power the phone will certainly be a non-removable one passing the market standard, but it will certainly be an actually excellent action if the firm decides to amaze us by giving a removable battery.

Nokia C1 Features

The Nokia C1 is rumored to get a complete steel body, which is the fad nowadays. It could likewise have a finger print sensing unit on it. We expect the rear video camera to obtain Carl Zeiss optics like Nokia has made use of prior to.

Additionally, it is being said that the C1 will come in an Android along with a Windows Phone version, though this would certainly be a not likely action from Nokia.

Nokia C1 Launch Date and also Rate

There have been minimal leaks about the phone, and also the rumors claim that we ought to anticipate the Nokia C1 to be released around the 2nd half of this year or a little bit later. The anticipated cost for the phone is around $300-$350.

Nokia is currently had by a firm named HMD that has actually was started to offer a brand-new independent as well as focussed the home of Nokia-branded smartphones, tablets, and also feature phones. Nokia wearables might also be seen in the market. HMD has actually prepared to spend $500 million to market the upcoming Nokia phones and also tablets worldwide for the following three years. The brand “Nokia” has a solid record as well as follower following, and also with the ideal direction as well as initiative, the brand can certainly make an amazing resurgence in the market. Will the Nokia Android phones be good? Certainly! Will they be a substantial hit? Just time will tell.

maxresdefault (1)

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors: Everything You Need to Know

Samsung is one of the greatest mobile phone production firms in the world. The flagship phones launched by the firm are touted for their premium creates, high quality displays as well as pricey price tags.

Launched lately, the Galaxy S7 as well as S7 Edge are several of the very best phones on the marketplace. They are a boost from in 2014’s seriously acclaimed S6 as well as S6 Edge and have larger batteries, expandable storage space and water proofing.

It is also stated that it can be a Windows phone its just a rumour and if it will be a windows phone it will be windows 11.

Naturally conjectures and rumors start to spread out soon after the release of the latest front runner phones. Exactly what would certainly the Galaxy S8 offer in terms of requirements? Would it see an upgrade in its build high quality or design? A brand-new killer attribute or 2?

maxresdefault (1)

There’s no denying the allure of Samsung’s yet-to-be-released successor to the S7 collection. Right here’s our conjectures about the Galaxy S8 mobile phone.

The Release Date
Allows beginning operating the most forgotten yet extremely important aspect of mobile phones– their release day.

Although there are no leakages recommending a release day, Samsung has a history of launching its phones in February or March every year so we could safely think that this would certainly be the release window for the Galaxy S8. Release days for the front runners are below for reference’s benefit.

Galaxy S– March 2010
Galaxy S2– February 2011
Galaxy S3– May 2012
Galaxy S4– March 2013
Galaxy S5– February 2014
Galaxy S6– March 2015
Galaxy S7– February 2016
The release home window of February-March is due to the annual Mobile World Congress which is held throughout that time.

Chance of Being True: Very

The Models/Variants
The Korean mobile phone manufacturer is recognized for following the suggestions “If it ain’t broke, do not fix it.” This generally suggests that Samsung sticks to attributes or phones that were successful the last time around. The Galaxy S7 is evidence sufficient which adheres to the very same design language as the last year’s S6.

However, Samsung is also known for exploring and are equally as likely to introduce brand-new versions for the phones too. South Korean media records that Samsung might be releasing as long as 5 front runners following year.

This can consist of the regular S8, the Edge variation, Galaxy Note and also a reported bendable Galaxy X. There can also be a Galaxy S8 mini if the rumors are to be believed.

Likelihood of Being True: Reasonably


The Display
The present pattern in displays for front runners are a 5.1 inch display dimension about. This size acts as a happy medium in between the massive 6 inch display phablet phones and also the 4 inch iPhone-like screen size phones.

Samsung has been browsing the 5.1 inch display size considering that Galaxy S5 so, once more, it could be safely presumed that the S8 will additionally have a similar screen size.

The Edge variation of the S7 although has a 5.5 inch display size, so the exact same can be stated for the S8 Edge that comes out next year.

The display resolution Samsung opted for this time about was the normal Quad HD (2560 x 1440). But Samsung is most likely to relocate to Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) due to Gear VR. Presently Gear VR does not have an adequate screen and might appear pixelated because of the Quad HD resolution.

This could be conveniently be resolved by an Ultra HD screen which would certainly supply a far better Gear VR encounter.

Chance of Being True: Reasonably to Not at All

The Design
The S8 will likely comply with the very same style language operating a Glass and Metal body found on the S6 and also S7. The design is preferred among consumers so the possibility of Samsung opting to stick with the current style is high.

A removable battery is just what Samsung followers are requesting for but Samsung’s proprietary rapid charging and also the brand-new faster wireless charging are the better functions that may make it to the S8 next year.

Likelihood of Being True: Very

System on Chip
The Galaxy S7 utilized Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 as well as Samsung’s very own Exynos 8890 this year, which decreases the concern on the firm for having chips readily available for usage in the phones.

A current leak from ARM firm shows that they are working on 10nm chips which will be more effective as well as power effective compared with this year’s 14nm chips utilized in Snapdragon 820 and also the Exynos 8890.

The S8 may use the Snapdragon 830 as well as Samsung’s upgrade to the Exynos 8890, which are highly most likely to showcase the same 10nm chips.

Apart from the faster and also much more reliable cpus, Snapdragon 830 is likewise rumored to include Qualcomm’s next generation X16 modem (presently X12 is used in Snapdragon 820) which will certainly supply speeds of upto 1Gbps.

Not that you’ll obtain that much from your internet link whenever quickly, however its good for the 5G networks been checked around Europe. Nonetheless, do not expect them to release anytime soon though.

Possibility of Being True: Very


The Camera
The Galaxy S collection has actually constantly gone toe to toe with various other smartphone manufacturers when it concerns electronic cameras. The rumors recommend that Samsung might very well roll out a twin camera configuration those seen in the HTC 10 and also the Huawei P9.

The video camera modules will be produced by Samsung Motors (Semco) suggesting that it will include domestic lenses instead of Sony’s lenses.

Chance of Being True: Reasonably

The Battery
A 4k display screen, more energy efficient 10nm processors and the addition of Android N will impact the battery capability of the S8. The 4k screen will more than likely warrant the addition of a larger battery.

Allows have a look at battery capability of the S Series in the previous few years.

Galaxy S7– 3,000 mAh.
Galaxy S7 Edge– 3,600 mAh.
Galaxy S6– 2,550 mAh.
Galaxy S6 Edge– 2,600 mAh.
The Edge models tend to have bigger batteries because of the bigger display sizes of 5.5 inch compared with the 5.1 inch screen size. The trend will likely proceed operating the S8 Edge, if it carries out in reality come out.

Chance of Being True: Reasonably.

USB type C.
Samsung’s Galaxy S7 was originally rumored to have a kind C port but that was put to rest when the S7 was launched operating the older and slower microUSB port.

That stated, kind C is the future operating abilities to move even more power (100 watts), much more data as well as being reversible in nature (could be plugged in from both sides). It makes good sense if Samsung proceeds to the kind C with following year’s flagship mobile phone.

Normally, Gear VR will certainly additionally have to include kind C assistance next year if the phone’s include it. The boosted bandwidth demands call for it.

Chance of Being True: Likely.


The elimination of waterproofing from S5 to S6 and afterwards the inclusion of it from S6 to S7 recommends that if the phone itself is good enough to offer, Samsung will certainly include it in its flagships. Being water-proof also offers a side to S7 as a number of the other front runner phones by other firms (other than Sony) do not have water-proof phones. There is no concrete details regarding the Galaxy S8 being waterproof though.

Most Expected Release Date of Samsung Galaxy S5

It is clear and no one has doubt that Samsung Galaxy note 7 release date will be in the first quarter of 2016. Month of release date is not confirmed yet. But it is believed that the device will be launched in the end of the month March, 2016.

If we go back to the story of Samsung Galaxy note 7, other devices in this series are launched nearby same month. Some websites are also suggesting its release date late in 2016 and some are suggesting its release date in February, 2016. Confirmed and official release date of this device will not come before January, 2016.


Rumors to the specification of Galaxy note 7 are adding too much taste in the launch of this device. People are waiting desperately for the launch. Presently, youngsters are also focusing on new device which is expecting its release in October, 2015. The device is Google Nexus 5. The mentioned device will become popular because of its price tag. It has shown that the device has left Apple iPhone 5s behind in benchmark.

Samsung Galaxy SV will be a device of new generation which will be equipped with all the needs of future generation. It will be featured with Exynos 8000 64 bit chipset which is manufactured at 20n scale and will carry ten powerful processing cores. It will be supported with 4GB RAM. It is manufactured at 20 nm scale which will be best in power efficiency.

No loopholes will be present in the upcoming device like they were there in the last device of the series. Do not forget to come again on our site for more information regarding this device. And, do share this article to spread knowledge among your friends. Till now the confirmed month of release date os March, 2016.


What major up-gradations Samsung plan ahead of Galaxy note 7 Release?

note 5 is a long lost story of a glorious smartphone. Right now all the eyes are on one and only one smartphone, i.e. Samsung Galaxy note 7. There is not a single tech blog, who is not putting its best foot forward and writing about the same, and I bring to you the list of major upgradations in Samsug note 7 ahead of its release. Let us have a look by not wasting much time.

  1. The smartphone this time will have a better and more professional camera, which means that along with the beast 16 MP shooter, it will be backed with the 5 MP shooter in front. Brilliant, isn’t it?
  2. Along with the KNOX technology for better security, Samsung won’t fail in introducing the long awaited fingerprint sensors in Samsung Galaxy note 7. They are a must in today’s era, when smart mobile hackers can breach any security system and the screen passwords are just not enough.
  3. Everyone looks forward to the dashing looks of the phone. With a possible inclusion of YOUM in the smartphone, it will be an invention worth buying. The price? Oh, it will just be $200, if you live in a country where major network carriers offer contract deals like UK and the US.
  4. Samsung Galaxy note 7, will also accommodate the latest UHD technology in its display screen. While it is a deep blow to Apple and Sony, it will add a wing to the features of Samsung note 7.
  5. The best word of mouth suggests that the new Galaxy note 7 smartphone will have full eye tracking and health features, making it a must have for smartphone lovers. It will be complemented by a shockproof and waterproof body, and infrared sensors ofcourse. Who thought 10 years ago, that Smartphones would be used to measure the body temperature?

If Samsung manages to accommodate all these feats, it will be a force to reckon with, and Samsung Galaxy note 7 will surely sell like hot cakes.